A little wobble..

I recently had a little wobble and thought about giving up my new consultancy venture, BEAN Marketing to return to Full Time Employment. I interviewed for a Marketing Manager position, we spoke about my previous role, my current set up and how I had recently started my own company. I reassured them that 100% of my working hours would be dedicated to them and whilst BEAN wasn’t doing much it was plodding along. So far, so good. I got offered the role and had even verbally accepted it and then I saw the contract, banning me from keeping my own company going during my own time.

Now on the face of it, that wasn’t necessarily the end of the world, my company is very much in its infancy and I only have a couple clients but what got me was the complete and utter lack of wiggle room when I tried to negotiate keeping the company going in the background and maintaining the clients I already had in my own time, especially as we’d already spoken about it!

Now, to an extent I do understand their point of view. I could suddenly become so successful with my own company that I’d leave but let’s be honest it’s unlikely to happen overnight and I pride myself on being responsible enough not to leave anyone in the lurch with no warning. We could have worked something out. Instead they have to start the recruitment process again and I’m left feeling slightly bemused.

I’m not sure who in this instance is right or wrong but I do think employers need to realise that the way we work is changing. More and more people are setting up their own businesses, whether to supplement an income or just because it’s something they have always wanted to do. It doesn’t make us any less loyal to an employer nor does it mean we become less committed to performing for their company.

I have to admit for me, seeing the clause in black and white in the contract was the kick I needed. It reminded me why I set the company up in the first place and that success is not going to happen over night! It’s going to be a hard slog but I’m more determined than ever to make BEAN Marketing successful!



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