Guilt of the recently self-employed

After years of working for other people’s companies as a Marketing Manager I recently decided to become a self-employed Marketing Consultant. The company I had been at for many years was restructuring and rather than stay in the role I wasn’t being challenged enough in I took the leap and decided now was the time to start up on my own. It’s something I had always fancied doing but the opportunity had never really arisen.

New Office
My New Office!

What I wasn’t expecting was the massive guilt I was about to face at being self-employed, or at least the guilt of being self-employed at the early stages and by that I mean, being at home all day and not having a full bank of clients yet. Which when I think about it more sensibly is ridiculous!

Since making the decision I am busier than I ever was whilst employed! I have taken a number of Marketing & GDPR courses. I’ve gone through all the normal stages of setting up a company (HMRC, insurances, branding, website etc). I already have clients that need Marketing Support each week, plus of course I am actively looking for new Clients to support.

Yet, a part of me still felt guilty, as though somehow I was slacking off, maybe it’s because the full time wage isn’t there yet or maybe it’s because I go to the gym first thing in the morning now. It could be because I sit in my kitchen in my joggers rather than at a desk in a suit or it could be a combination of all of these things. I’m also not sure if it’s just me or if it’s a ‘Woman Thing’ but I felt as though I needed to become ‘suzy homemaker’ as well to justify being at home all day.

It’s been just under a month now and I am still getting used to it, but after many deep and meaningful conversations with my ever patient and always supportive partner the guilt is fading fast (thank goodness, let’s be honest, 1950s housewife is really not me!) and the excitement is growing.

The website will be live in a matter of days, the first mail-out is prepped and the GDPR qualification nearly complete. I’m sure there will be ups and down over the next few months but with the guilt gone I am looking forward to focusing entirely on building my brand and company and more importantly helping out those companies that need a bit of Marketing Support.

Check out for more info.


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