Look after your Brand

From a personal point of view I think taking care of your Brand & building Brand awareness is core to any organisation.

I know if you talk to Acbrandcounts, the bottom line is King and if you talk to Sales, then ‘units’ shifted are the key but what many ‘non marketing’ people fail to take into account is that without a respected Brand or a Brand that matches what your client wants then other two are unlikely to happen (I say unlikely because in some instance this isn’t applicable).

A strong Brand takes an age to build and then just a moment to destroy unless you are truly one of the strongest of Brand. Although, even then it can definitely damage you, just look at VW at the moment, their market value has lost 35% in little over a week.

Just one little hiccup (or in VW’s case, one massive, potentially criminal ‘hiccup’) can knock you straight off your pedestal! This can be particularly devastating for new Brands or smaller more local Brands.

Brand needs to be more than getting the right marketing message out to clients, it needs to be a whole ethos that your entire staff buy in to as more often than not they will be your biggest Brand advocates or potentially the most damaging ones. It needs to be the culture of a workplace & the story behind it as well as the products and the promotions.

Brand needs to be all encompassing and I think that is often where some companies fall down. To often the ‘quick win’, the ‘bottom line’ and the ‘here and now’ take precedence. All too often the Brand is left to the Marketing Department, and as much as it pains me to say, even in this day and age, Marketing and by default Branding, is still seen as non essential to some. If this is the mind-set of top level, how on earth is a company to develop a strong Brand?

Building a strong Brand and then maintaining it, is essential for the success and longevity of any organisation and needs to be valued internally as much, if not more than any other asset within a company’s portfolio.

If you believe in and value your Brand then your customers will take comfort in that and will do too!


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