Family Summer Holiday,

The sun’s shining, it’s lovely and hot, barely a cloud in the sky….it can only mean one thing! We’ve just got back from our staycation!

I know in recent years there has been a resurgence in holidaying in the UK but this year was the first time I’ve been on holiday in the UK since I was a child and I have to say it was great! Ok the weather wasn’t amazing but we went to Cornwall and having lived there for a few years as children we weren’t were expecting wall to wall sunshine!

I’m not going to turn this into an advert for Chywolow Lodge but we (me, my other half, my sisters & their hubbies + my little sister’s 2 childerbeasts) were amazed by the accommodation & the friendliness of the owners.Sisters

The most enjoyable part however was spending a full week with family. As sisters we’ve always been close (well excluding the teen years when I was a nightmare) and see each other nearly every week but this was the first time we have all spent a week living together since we moved out of our parents’ home some 10-15 years ago.

It was strange how the dynamic still seemed to be the same, me being my normal bossy self (middle child) trying to organise everyone to do roughly what I wanted (sorry family), both of us elder sisters trying to do everything for little sis (regardless of the fact she has two children of her own and is more capable than the pair of us put together),  and her ignoring our efforts and carrying on her own sweet way AND of course the general good natured picking on each other throughout!

It also gave me a startling insight into just how much work goes into looking after children. I’m sure I’m biased but my niece and nephew are awesome and pretty well behaved, yet I have never come back from a holiday more tired! I had absolutely no idea 1) how early children got up, even if they wake up 2 or 3 times during the night 2) how much entertaining they need, be it sitting with them whilst they watch a film or full blown bear hunt in the fields or 3) just how much I’d be on tenterhooks each time they ran past something sharp or skidded across the kitchen floor. Although I think the last one is more the fact I’m a worrier than them being at any risk whatsoever! I have a new found admiration & respect for the ‘hands-on’ type parents – well done all. You are braver and much more patient than I’ll ever be!

Anyway, back on track!

I loved spending time with all of them, the kids as I said were hard work but amazing, time with my sisters was lovely and reminded me of when we were kids. Sisters’ Hubbies were great fun – especially after a bottle of wine each and a political discussion. And of course my long suffering other half who not only put up with me being slightly hyper all week but also had to deal with some not so subtle hints from my sisters as to when he would be proposing!

Thank you all for an fantastic time!

Hopefully the Family Summer Holiday will become a more regular occurrence since this one was (in my mind at least) a resounding success….and who knows maybe Mum & Dad will come next time too!


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